LTspice XVII Tutorial: Installation Directory, Library and Samples

The library and sample files of LTspice XVII are copied under the installation directory.

LTspice XVII Installation Directory

Default LTspice XVII installation directory is the following directory.

Program Files\LTC\LTspiceXVII

“Program Files” may be changed to “Program Files(x86)” and etc. If you change the installation directory during the installation, the parent directory is also changed to somewhere.

Library of LTspice XVII

The location of library files are followings.


Under “\lib” directory, there are three sub directories which store Linear Technlogy’s standard libraries.

This directory is used for passive components.

This directory is used for sub circuits.

This directory is used for symbols.

Sample Files of LTspice XVII

You can see sample files under the following directory.


“\examples” dicrectory has two sub directories.

This directory is used for Linear Technology’s products.

This directory is used for educational examples.”\Educational” directory has three sub directory.

Power Amplifier Example

FRA(Frequency Response Analyzer) Example

Other Examples

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