SPICE Tutorial: PWL Voltage (3) Repeat

SPICE “V” element with “PWL” and “repeat” option generates a repeated PWL(Piece-wise Linear) wave signal.

The syntax of “PWL” and “repeart” option is as follows.

Berkeley SPICE2, HSpice, PSpice, XSpice, LTspice
Vxxx n+ n- PWL repeat for N ( <comer value> ) endrepeat
Vxxx n+ n- PWL repeat for N file name = <file name> endrepeat

N: Repeat Count
<comer value>: Pair Data of Time and Voltage

The symbol of LTspice’s “V” element with “PWL” and “repeat” option is “voltage” which is in “C:\Users\Username\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\sym” directory. If you want to set the parameters of that by GUI, click “Advanced” button on “Component” menu window and check “PWL(t1 v1 t2 v2…)” or “PWL FILE” in “Functions” setting.

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